went to the gas station to pump up my car tire... and the guy charged me 50 cents. I said “it was only 20 gents last week”.

He said “that’s the price of inflation”

I remember my childhood quite fondly, when Dad used to roll us down the hill inside car tires.

Those were the Good Years.

What's the difference between a car tire and 365 used condoms?

One's a Goodyear, one's a great year.

Why does it cost $1.50 to put air in car tires?


A thief has been running around stealing car tires.

The police have been working tirelessly to catch him.

I finally made a table out of my old car tires.

It took a good year or two.

Four college students decide to get drunk before their final exam.

Four college students decide to get drunk the night before their final exam. They get so drunk they wake up late and completely miss their final. The four students go to their professor, and explain this elaborate lie that when they were on their way to the final that their car tire went flat. They ...

4 MBA students.

4 MBA students went out on a night before their exam and were boozing hard. They did not study for the test and thought of a plan to escape. So they went to their dean looking weary and worn out, their dresses covered in grease and dirt.

They told their dean that they had all gone to a weddin...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man is driving to work late

He is speeding down the road as he notices something wrong about his car. He steps out to inspect and notices all 4 of his bolts are missing from his tire and have gone down the storage water drain.

"AH FUCK, I'm never going to get to work!" As he frantles around trying to fix it up, he notic...

Four college guys wanted to go on a trip but they would be late for an exam...

Four college guys wanted to go on a trip but they would be late for an important exam.
They decided they would go and make up a sob story to the professor when they were back. So they went on with the trip and came back late for the exam as expected.
Since they had a bunch of pictures on s...

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