In ancient times, an mighty warrior of the Germanic tribes cut a swathe through the Roman Legions.

His name was Dolf, but he was more commonly called by another name, whispered by mothers to their children as a warning - "The Red", owing to the spatters of Roman blood that covered his wolfskin armour after battles.

It was a week before Christmas night that Dolf strode into a small inn, own...

Why was the mole’s rental fee so costly?

Because he burrowed and never returned

The Spice Mafia

It is a little known fact that some people want spices that they cannot obtain legally. Be it decades-old oregano, salt from the Last Supper, or the flesh of Sean Spicer, some people love strange and unusual spices. However, in order to obtain these spices, they only have one place to turn: the Spic...

Greatest pig in the world

A three legged pig.

So, this guy drives by this farmhouse on his way to work and keeps seeing this pig out in the yard with only three legs. Finally one day he stops at the farm when he sees the farmer out in the yard too inquire about the pig. Oh, that pig the farmer says is the greatest ...

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