What type of math do earthworms excel at?

Annelidic Geometry

Four earthworms are placed in four separate test tubes:

* 1st in beer
* 2nd in wine
* 3rd in whiskey
* 4th in mineral water

The next day, the teacher shows the results:

* The 1st worm in beer, dead.
* The 2nd in wine, dead.
* The 3rd in whiskey, dead.
* The 4th in mineral water, alive and healthy.

The teacher asks t...

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A pastor takes four earthworms and places them in different jars at the start of the service.

Each jar contained something different, the first had alcohol, the second had cigerette butts and smoke, the third had all sorts of sweets, and the forth had good, clean dirt. At the end of the service, the pastor pulls the jars back out and removes the worm from the alcohol. "Dead!" exclaims the ...

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Earthworms will always laugh at a poop joke...

They really eat that shit up.

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A Few Very Important Lessons You Will Learn Only After You Have Kids

A "King Style" water bed contains enough water to turn a 200 Sq m apartment into a 12 cm deep lake.

The voice of a 4 year old can deafen 200 normally talking adults in a crowded restaurant.

If you tie a dog leash to a room fan, the motor of the latter is not powerful enough to lift 23...

Friends on a fishing trip

Jack and Jim went wishing, they only had corn as bait, so Jack told Jim to go behind a big tree to dig up some earthworms because they didn't catch any fish. So Jim goes over to the tree and starts diging for the earthworms, and Jack got something on his hook, he reels the fish in and to his surpris...

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