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What do you call Homer Simpson accidently banging his head at the end of a wank?

A Doh! - nut

What is Homer Simpson's favorite toy?

Play D'oh

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Mr Simpson owned a high end clothing store.

One day, just around closing up, a pretty young woman walks in, browses for a bit and ends up staring at a very expensive designer dress standing proudly in the centre of the store.
Mr Simpson notices, quietly walks up beside her and says 'it's a beauty, isn't it?'
She glances at him, sighs ...

I think my new Simpsons shirt is a knock-off

It says “don’t halve a cow, man”.

They really butchered the catchphrase.

What’s the difference between OJ Simpson and Christopher Reeve?

OJ got to walk, Christopher got the chair

Ford is working on a special edition O.J. Simpson Bronco

But instead of white it will be Nicole Brown with blood red interior

What do Homer Simpson and pizza have in common?


What is Belle Delphines favorite TV show?

The Simpsons

Alan Dershowitz has defended O.J. Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein, and Donald Trump

The stabber, the nabber, and the grabber

What do you call someone who doesn't like The Simpsons?


What's Homer Simpson's favorite song?

Sweet Child D'oh! Mine

Man o.j simpson was a great football player

He killed it on and off the field

What do OJ Simpson and the Pittsburgh Steelers have in common?

They beat up on the Browns.

What did Nicole Simpson tell Ron Goldman when they we’re having an affair?

You can eat me out but the juice might kill ya

What is it called when Bart buys an Only-fans account?

It's called a Simpson

Bart Simpson goes to a bar

He introduces himself to the barkeep and orders a drink that is enthusiastically provided to him.
Bart downs the drink, keels over and dies.

A patron sitting at the bar observing all this exclaims to the bar keep, "Oh my God! What just happened? Did you just poison Bart Simpson?!"


Yo Mama So FAT

When i was watching the simpsons and she walked past the Tv, I missed a whole SEASON

Oj Simpson is ready to remarry...

He knows the last marriage didn't end so well... but he's ready to take another stab at it.

OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson, and Oscar Pistorius walk into a bar...

...all three order a Bloody Mary.

What's the difference between OJ Simpson and Caddyshack?

One had a Bronco pursuit and the other had Chevy Chase.

Albert Einstein and Homer Simpson had a bet.

Albert Einstein says “If I can’t answer your question, i’ll give you a million dollars. If you can’t answer my question, you have to give me five dollars.”

Homer says “ok”

Albert Einstein says “I’ll start: What is the capital of France?”

Homer says “lol idk”

Homer gives E...

What do you call a beta male's son?

A Simpson

Why did O.J. Simpson want to flee to Alabama?

Everybody there shares the same DNA.

(Mandatory ba dum tss).

What's the difference between Simba and O.J. Simpson?

One is an African lion. The other is a lyin' African (-American).

What is O.J. Simpson's favorite drink?

Margarita, but he swears he never wanted tequila.

What is O.J. Simpson's internet address?

Slash slash backslash slash slash escape

Apple is developing a product—invented by Bart Simpson—that cleans your vehicle.

The iCaroomba

Why was OJ Simpson turned down for the role of Thanos?

The glove didn’t fit.

What game does Homer Simpson always lose?

Tic Tac Doh!

Why did the Italian Homer Simpson buy his wife cheese?

Because it was Formaggio

My friend went to the doctors worrying that he had caught the Coronavirus from his complete collection of Matt Groening animation figures.

Luckily his diagnosis was negative, despite having all the Simpsons.

Robert Khardasian was OJ Simpson's lawyer

And thus began the family tradition of getting black men off.

Remember when OJ Simpson was found innocent and all of us white people hit the street looting and damaging property?!

Oh, that's right, we didn't...

What's OJ Simpson's favorite drink?

A Bloody Mary.

OJ Simpson finally confessed!!!

They squeezed it outta him!

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During OJ Simpson's First Trial, He and his lawyer are in the bathroom...

they are both standing at the urinals and the lawyer can't help but notice that OJ has Nicole tattooed onto his dick, he leans over and says "Between you and me, I know you killed your wife, so why did you have her name tattooed onto your dick?"

OJ answers "Just because she is dead, doesn't m...

What would the Simpsons do...

If their clothes were itchy and scratchy?

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An old Simpson's joke.

A man walks into a bar, and sits down on a barstool, placing a small brown bag on the counter next to him. He signals to the bartender and then proceeds to down 3 shots of scotch.

The bartender, being no fool asks, “Hey man what’s wrong?”

Without replying the man slowly reaches over an...

Disney now owns Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Disney World and the Simpsons...

If they acquire my parent’s divorce, they will own my entire childhood...

So OJ Simpson is walking through the woods with his new girlfriend...

So OJ Simpson is walking through the woods with his new girlfriend and it starts to get dark.

"It's getting dark, Juice, I'm scared," she says.

OJ turns to her and says,"You're scared?! I gotta walk out of these woods alone!"

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Since The Simpson's just reached the 600 episode milestone, I'd like to take a moment to remember it's importance to american history ...

Its unwaveringly realistic portrayal of the yellow people's disenfranchisement while pursuing the American Dream is a testament to our nation's tolerant spirit.

I'm a dad. Here's my joke: Why would Bart Simpson never go to a pub?

Because there's a BartEnder there.

Why did Moe finally decide to kill of Homer Simpson's son?

he realized he was a Bartender

I heard O J Simpson likes to play golf. I think I can beat him.

He's out of practice and I heard he has a terrible slice.

New England Patriots to bring OJ Simpson on staff...

In an interview, Simpson stated he got the job after responding to a Craigslist ad. He added, "They were looking for a defensive coordinator, and I just though to myself... nobody has more success at building a strong defense than I do."

Apparently O.J. Simpson is getting remarried

He decided to take another stab at it

A dad has three sons. The three sons always tries to get girlfriends in the dumbest ways possible. What do you call the three sons?

The Simpsons

How does Homer Simpson say watermelon in French?

Melon D'OH

What did they call it when Bart Simpson met Steve Jobs?


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What do you call a person with a Simpsons fetish?


I invited OJ Simpson to my Thanksgiving dinner.

He's good at carving white meat.

If Thor Odinson is the son of Odin...

Then Homer Simpson must be your son.

O. J. Simpson

When O. J. Simpson's kids wanted to go out and play, what did he tell them? "Go axe your mother."

In an interview Barbara Walters asks OJ Simpson if he thinks he will ever be married again...

He says, "I don't know... One of these days, I might take another stab at it."

What are OJ Simpson's favorite keys on a computer?










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O.J. Simpson Dies

O.J. Simpson dies and went to hell. When he arrived the Devil met him and began the orientation process. The Devil told O.J. that here in hell you get to decide how you want to spend the rest of eternity. They go to the first door and inside is Josef Stalin, he is being burnt alive over and over. T...

So today I met a guy who went to high school with OJ Simpson. I asked him what OJ was like back then.

He was quite the lady-killer apparently

Who's the most famous Los Angeles Dodger?

O.J. Simpson.

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