This is long overdue.....


I recently finished my long overdue book on my favourite herb....

It’s about thyme

Scientists say that the Yellowstone super-volcano is overdue for an eruption.

Apparently the volcano has eruptile dysfunction.

This joke is about a word that can mean both 'excellent' and 'overdue'!

It's outstanding.

What do Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump have in common?

They're both long overdue for a heart attack, but even the devil doesn't want them.

Why Did Jeremy Corbyn smile when Theresa May offered to resign?

He thought he was getting rid of something overdue-ish.

I told my wife I was going down where the sun doesn’t shine and that I wasn’t coming back up until it had a good old spit shine.

Our cellar is long overdue a cleaning, you see.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My girlfriend hasn't touched my dick in so long.

Its schlong overdue.

I recruited a nice little girl and her cute cuddly kitten to the flat earthers this weekend.

I also figured out the brakes on my truck are overdue to be replaced.

I remember the Christmas my son got me my first DVD.

It was a rental...6 days overdue. And we didn't even have a DVD player!

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