Why did the drug addict suffer an overdose of cocaine?

Because he crossed the line...

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My friends father died of Viagra overdose....

Whole family was devastated, but his mother took it the hardest.

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My friend died of an overdose of Viagra.

Took them 2 days to shut the coffin lid..

I actually overdosed on anxiety pills a few minutes ago

I’m not too worried about it

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Overdosed on red clay?..

Overdosed on red clay.

Now I’m shitting bricks.

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My penis fell off due to an overdose of steroids...

Anabolic? Nah, just the dick.

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I just found out that Bilbo Baggins died from a Viagra overdose. And that just goes to show you...

... old hobbits die hard

Did you hear Mike Tyson had a drug overdose...

He was pretty methed up.

Did you hear about the guy that overdosed on his homeopathy pills?

He forgot to take them.

What is the antidote they use for an overdose of Ritalin called?


Thanks, I'll show myself out...

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Did you hear about the guy that overdosed on Viagra?

They still haven't been able to close his casket!

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What's a treatment for viagra overdose and also a software company?


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Sad news: Bruce Willis died from Viagra overdose

At least he Died Hard.

I was so sad when I heard Whitney Houston overdosed on cocaine


How do stars die?

They usually overdose

If a rich man dies from a drug overdose, the headline should read "Pills bury dough boy"

Credit to my friend Chris

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I was fucking worried when my son overdosed on cocaine.

But thankfully he hadn't used any of my stuff.

My son, who's into astronomy, asked me how stars die.

"Usually an overdose, son." I told him.

I put my body to the test and accidentally overdosed on hallucinogenics.

Sure, I died, but I passed with flying colors!

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One day I overdosed on viagra

Hardest day of my life

A stoner died from a heroin overdose last night.

The paramedics did everything they could but it was all in vein.

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Mr. Johnson overdosed on Viagra and passed away.

His wife took it really hard.

Reasons the idiot couldn't kill himself.

He couldn't find the tailpipe on his Tesla.

He jumped in front of a model train.

The bullets wouldn't fit in the squirt gun.

He overdosed on placebo pills.

He jumped off a low bridge.

He stuck a plastic fork in an outlet.

He doused himself in diesel and trie...

What can you overdose on but not die of?

Daily Dose Of Internet.

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Bruce Willis passes away from a Viagra overdose on 4/20/2069

He picked a good day to die hard

What’s the difference between a heroin overdose and a shotgun suicide?

Heroin addicts feel great after they shoot themselves.

I got a call from the doctor saying my buddy nearly overdosed on his homeopathic medicine.

Turns out he had forgotten to take it.

*Alternate punchline:* His family and several witnesses later disputed this, arguing the actual problem was him nearly drowning.

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A guy dies and suddenly finds himself in Hell...

He trepidatiously follows the crowd towards the Gates of Hell. He finds a demon holding a piece of cardboard with his name on it.

"Craig?," asks the demon as the man approaches.

"Y... yes," answers Craig, unsure of how to handle the situation.

"Hi. I'm Ed. I know what you're thi...

Recently a man died of an overdose of homeopathic medicine...

...he forgot to take his pill.

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I tried to overdose Viagra.

But apparently whatever doesn't kill you only makes you harder.

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My grandfather overdosed on Viagra the other day.

My grandma took it pretty hard that night; the next morning and all day long!

If you overdose on drugs you don’t go to Heaven or Hell...

You go to Percatory

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Last week I thought I took a fatal overdose of Viagra

But don't worry, I'm okay now.

But my wife -- she took it pretty hard.

My son, while gazing up at the sky, asked me how stars die

"Usually an overdose", I said

I walked up to a girl and said, "If you were a drug, I would overdose!"

She said, "Thanks."

I said, "Then you wouldn't be able to ruin my life any more."

My Grandmother died of an Ecstasy overdose.

She must be rolling in her grave.

I just found out that the mascot for a famous brand of baked goods overdosed on opiates.

Pills bury doughboy.

I lost my good mate Gav yesterday due to an overdose of heartburn tablets

I can't believe gavisgon.

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I accidentally overdosed on Viagra...

... and discovered a completely new way to pick my nose.

What do you call marijuana overdose?

Blunt-force trauma

A paramedic was called out to a vegan couple who'd overdosed on vegetables

The first thing he did was take their pulses

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Why did the Chinese Mayor overdose on Viagra?

Because he wanted to win the erection.

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Did you hear about the guy who died of a viagra overdose?

Terrible news. Really shocking.

Apparently, his girlfriend took it very hard.

What did the duck overdose on?


What do you call a father that overdosed on ecstasy?

Dad with an E.

How did the bodybuilding dinosaur die?

Asteroid overdose!
(a steroid overdose)

Mike Tyson recently recovered from a meth overdose and was interviewed upon his exit from the hospital.

When asked about the full story, he responded with,

"I was really methed up at the time"

I keep keep seeing all these pictures from Demi Lovato’s overdose

And here I thought it was just a “before makeup” picture

Where do you take someone who overdoses on homeopathic medicine?

A mental hospital

My grandmother died recently

She was found keeled over in her kitchen, her dentures stained with foods high in antioxidants.

The doctors said it was a heart attack but I know better...

I reckon it was an oxi-dental overdose.

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Welcome to hell!

One day a guy dies and finds himself in hell. As he is wallowing in despair he has his first meeting with the devil.

Devil: Why so glum, chum?

Guy: What do you think? I'm in hell.

Devil: Hell's not so bad. We actually have a lot of fun down here. You a drinkin' ma...

My mate Gav overdosed on heart burn tablets

I cant believe Gav is gone.

Last night my friend Gavin overdosed on heart burn medicine......

I can't believe Gaviscon.

What is it called when someone overdoses on ecstasy?


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A man dies and goes to Hell.

Satan greets him.

Hey. How's it going?

Not good. I just found out I'm in hell.

I know we have a bad reputation but it's not that bad. It's actually quite fun down here. Did you ever drink when you were alive?

Of course.

Well, Mondays, you can drink as much as you ...

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2020 one-ish liners

2020 so far:
-Welp, I guess somebody finally fracked their way through the wrong Native burial site.

-You think 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror is bad? You should see what happens when you let polar ice caps melt.

-Nobody’s trying to keep the Jews as slaves again are they? ‘...

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A man gets hit by a bus, dies and goes to Hell..

Upon his arrival, he is greeted by Satan's secretary who begins to process his paperwork and give him the run down on what it's like for eternity.

Secretary: "Hell really isn't all that bad, buddy. We have themed daily activities to keep our residents occupied. Were you by any chance a drinke...

The more, the better...

... said Winnie the Pooh and then died from an overdose.

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3 surgeons walk into a pub...

...The first claims to be the best surgeon of Texas: "the world's best piano player lost 7 fingers in an accident. I sewed them back on and yesterday, he played a private concert for the queen of England."

The second one answeres: "That's nothing. A young man lost both arms and both legs in a...

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