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We should have a TV show where illegal immigrants hunt down sex offenders for a chance at citizenship

We can call it "Alien vs Predator"

A bright, young, fresh-out-of-school auditor just joined the IRS, excited to begin tracking down high-powered offenders--such as the Enron or WorldCom guys. Anxious for his first high-powered audit, he was a bit dismayed when his assignment was to audit a Rabbi.

*Looking over the books and taxes were pretty straight forward and the Rabbi clearly very frugal, so he thought he'd make his day interesting by having a little fun with the Rabbi. "Rabbi," he said, "I noticed that you buy a lot of candles."*

*"Yes," answered the Rabbi.*

*"Well, Rabbi,...

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What do you call a cat on a sex offenders list?

A purrvert

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Why do sex offenders never get speeding tickets?

Because they always drive slower in school zones

A new battery factory in Northumberland will offer jobs to ex-offenders

Applicants for the posts will have to prove they havenโ€™t been charged for the last twelve months.

There was a short period of time in ancient history when offenders were not only nailed to a cross, but also burned alive

Fortunately, the practice ended and very few people were crucifried

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Why was Ash Ketchum on a registered sex offenders list?

Because he was caught having a Pikachu.

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I went on the sex offender registry and found the addresses of all the sex offenders in my area, and sent them all hate mail.

Just to make sure they read it, I wrote the letters in crayon.

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Want to hear a joke about sex offenders?

Never mind, itโ€™s too touchy.

How to stop repeat offenders?

Don't re-elect them!

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Australia should hire WWE wrestlers to enforce sentencing on convicted sex offenders.

That way we can have Undertaker and Mankind throw Pell in a cell.

I know a funny joke about a prison for underage offenders.

But it's juvenile.

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