I loved last summer in Milwaukee.

I think it was a Tuesday.

Why can't (Milwaukee) Bucks shop at the dollar store?

They only got three quarters.

credit to u/Ramseyisthegoat

What did the man say to his pet bear after buying her a computer and the computer wouldn't turn on and he ended up calling his cousin who works at the computer company and the cousin came down from Milwaukee to show them how to connect everything to make the computer work?

Sorry for the complicated setup.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I just flew in from Milwaukee

and boy are my arms tired from masturbating the whole way.

A guy walks into a liquor store

and says “Can i please have a case of Budweisers?”

The clerk says, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any cold Bud. The only cold beer we have is Old Milwaukee.”

The guy says, “No thanks. Last time I drank a case of Old Milwaukee I ended up sick and blowing chunks.”

The clerk says, “If y...

pfff CoronaVirus is nothing

I remember back in the day getting OldMilwaukeeVirus every weekend and actually needing 2 rolls of toilet paper every morning, and I never panicked

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A joke from the 1800s

" While passing a house on the road, two Virginia salesmen spotted a "very peculiar chimney, unfinished, and it attracting their attention, they asked a flaxen-haired urchin standing near the house if it 'drawed well' whereupon the aforementioned urchin gave them the stinging retort: 'Yes, it draws ...

An old joke from about 100 years ago that's actually somewhat amusing

A Milwaukee man and his wife recently received a call from an old friend whom they had not seen for years. Just before the three sat down to a little supper in the German style, the wife, seizing a favorable opportunity, whispered to her husband:

"We have only three bottles of beer in the hou...

How do people in Wisconsin communicate with each other?

Using a Milwaukee talkie.

How do truckers contact each other in Wisconsin?

They use a Milwaukee-Talkie

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