One for the Albertans out there: So this carload of guys from Calgary decide to drive to Edmonton.

The first sign they see as they hit Highway #2 north says "Maximum 100, Night 90". So they pulled over and waited til the had sun set.

Knocked 10 kms off the trip.

Where's the red light district in Edmonton?

Behind the Oilers' goal net.

Why should Rihanna date the Edmonton Oilers?

Because they don't beat anybody.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔


Two days ago I was on a plane from Edmonton to Vegas. And unlucky me got the middle seat. To my right is a man who has already passed out against the window and to my left beside the isle is a nice old lady. 20 minutes into our flight the captain keys open the mic to inform us we have reached our cr...

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