counterfeitdeceptionfraudimitationfakeembezzlementscamperjuryidentity theftfalsehoodfraudulentfalsehoaxdeceitforger

Policeman: You’re going to prison for forgery.

Me: *Slides him a $37 bill*. What about now?

I am a master of forgery.

I have all the certificates to prove it.

there was a suspicion of university diploma forgery

There was a suspicion of university diploma forgery. The police went to investigate that. "There was no proof that any crime was commited," said the police officer, John Brown J.D., M.D., B.D., Ph.D.

A real Picasso painting declared a forgery by a fake authenticator...

...is art officially artificial according to an artificial art official.

A man gets out of jail after serving a sentence for forgery

He finds that his mother has contracted a terrible disease and is on her death bed. He and his brother have a conversation about the inheritance. The brother asks "Do you think you'll get anything after all these years in prison?" The man confidently replies "I'm sure of it." His brother, confused, ...

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Why did the blacksmith get fired....

He smelt like shit, and made a forgery.

The police finally catch a notorious criminal,

so the chief himself decides to interrogate him.

Chief: "Let me see here, you have quite the backstory. Theft, forgery, burglary, forgery, blackmail, theft, forgery, forgery, forgery, the list goes on and on. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Criminal: "Well, it took me a while to...

Why was the blacksmith charged with?


In the Supreme Court of Composition...

"Your honor, this man has - with malice aforethought - clearly, wantonly, and remorselessly copied my newest song's Time Signature.

You might call this a clear-cut-case of Four-Forgery."

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