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My favourite sex position is called "WOW" ...

It's where I flip your MOM over

What’s Elon Musk’s favourite comedy?


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My favourite joke: Dave

Dave was bragging to his boss one day, "You know, I know everyone there is to know. Just name someone, anyone, and I know them."

Tired of his boasting, his boss called his bluff, "OK, Dave, how about Tom Cruise?"

"No dramas boss, Tom and I are old friends, and I can prove it." So Dave ...

Color vs Colour, Favorite vs Favourite, Neighbor vs Neighbour

British English: I think you're having problem understanding these words.
American English: no u

What is your least favourite race?

Mine is the marathon... too many Kenyans

What is Hitler's favourite game?

Mein Kraft

What’s an Anti-Vaxx kid’s favourite game?

Marco Polio.

What's a pirate's favourite letter?

You'd think it's r but their first love is the c!

What’s Micheal Jackson’s favourite guitar note?


What's Michael Jackson's favourite thing to drink?


What's a sharks least favourite name?


So I have my Alexa set up to tell me joke when I say goodnight, last night it told me that joke...and I can't work it out?! I have searched for it online, and other people have searched for it but no one has seemed to find out what it means.

Am I being stupid and missing som...

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What's a mathematician's favourite kind of boob?


What’s Thanos’ favourite holiday?

Ash Wednesday

Three of my favourite things are

eating my family and not using commas.

What was your favourite pastry that Grammar used to make?

Mine was the delicious synonym rolls and my adjective was to eat at least half of them off the plate

What’s Michael Jackson’s favourite chord?

A minor.

My buddy told me his least favourite season of Game of Thrones was season 5.


What was Whitney Houstons favourite type of co-ordination?

Hand eyyyyyyyyyeeeee.

What is every cats favourite Dictator?


What is Rick Grimes' favourite type of crisps?


What is a polar bears favourite thing to eat?

Burrrr - Gurrrrs.

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What’s Gordon Ramsay’s favourite Disney movie?

It’s fucking Frozen

What's a North Korean's Favourite Card Game?

Kim Jong Uno

What is a sassy cannibal's favourite meal?


What is Doctor Who's favourite bread?

Dalek Bread

What's a basketball player's favourite kind of cheese?


Mom told me this joke long ago, remains my favourite joke to date.

Rory fell down the stairs and broke his leg. He yelled to his friends,”Guys, call me an ambulance!”

So Rory’s friends started dancing around him singing,”Rory is an Ambulance, Rory is an ambulance!”

What was Mussolini's least favourite font?

Parti sans.

What is Bruce Lee's favourite beverage?


What’s an optometrist’s favourite terrorist group?


What is a millennial’s favourite fragrance?

Scents of entitlement.

What's Beethoven's favourite fruit?


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I asked my wife to dress up as my favourite Star Wars character for some sexy birthday fun.

I walked into the bedroom that night and I was shocked,

"Love, Jabba the Hut is not my favourite Star Wars character" I exclaimed,

"Fuck off" She shouted "I haven't got dressed yet"

What’s a postman’s favourite herb?


Whitney Hustons favourite type of coordination?

Haaaand Eyyyyeeeee

What is a marsupials favourite drink ?

A Piña Koala

Who’s your favourite Canadian music icon that also practices advanced culinary technique which enhances the flavour of poultry at the atomic level?

Brine Atoms

What is Alabama's favourite vegetable?

Has to be the pump kin.

What's a Jehova's Witness' favourite kind of joke?

Knock knock jokes.

What're a plumber's least favourite shoes?


What is Donald Trumps favourite song? Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd

Because he don't need no education....

What is a ducks favourite food?


What are your favourite jokes that when you say then people sigh from frustration?

My favourite type of jokes are the ones with a stupid answers or just ones that are so bad they are good. Recently I have run out of material so I have turned to reddit to stock up. So tell me your worst and most annoying jokes

What’s a Jawa’s favourite vegetable?


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I asked a random woman what her favourite Radiohead song is.

She said, "I don't know...Creep?"

I said, "Fuck off, you don't even know me."

I'm pretty sure I've figured out my neighbour's 3 favourite films

* 10,000,000 Explosions

* Army Guys Yelling at Each Other

* Subwoofer: The Movie

One of my favourites: My friend died when we couldn’t remember his blood type

He kept saying “Be Positive,” but it’s hard without him.

What's Thanos' favourite game? [OC]

Half Life.

What's an anti-vaxxer's favourite sport?

Water polio

What’s a dinosaur’s least favourite reindeer?


What is the sheep's favourite musucian?


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Poop jokes aren't my favourite

But they are a solid number two!

I tell people I don't have a favourite fish,

... but really it's a red herring.

What’s a pirates favourite paint?

Davy Jones Lacquer.

What was Matthew McConaughey's least favourite part of Interstellar?

When the girl gets older, and he stays the same age.

What is Hitler's favourite TV show?

The amazing race.

What's my favourite beer?

The next one.

What's a pirate's *least* favourite letter?

*Dear sir,*

*Your internet access has been terminated due to illegal usage.*

*Sincerely, your service provider.*

Which are Voldemort's favourite shoes?

His horro*crocs*.

TIL Christian bands have a favourite chord.

G sus

What is Fozzy Bear’s favourite vacation destination?


What’s a pilot’s favourite flavour of chips?


Want to know Mexico's favourite sport ?

Cross Country

My son's favourite nursery rhyme taught me what strategy mice use to win sports games.

They like to run down the clock.

What is a hippo's favourite dessert?


What was the ram’s favourite Christmas carol?

All I Want for Christmas is Ewe

Whats Ben Shapiro's favourite rapper?


What is a physicist's favourite food?

Fission chips

The new machine at the gym is my favourite...

It has snicker, skittles, kit kats and twix

What is a communist’s favourite movie?

Hunger Games

What’s a windmill’s favourite genre of music?

He’s a heavy metal fan.

My favourite Yo Mama joke:

Yo mama's so ugly!

They put her face on the cover of a strong laxative; the box is empty, and it is still the leading brand according to most doctors!

Dj Khalid's favourite number is 11

cause there is another 1

One of my all-time favourites

A deer sees a crying bunny, sitting by the road.
When asked what is wrong, the bunny said "The bear asked me if I fuzz, I said that I don't and he used me sa his toilet paper".

Some days later, the deer sees the same bunny at the roadside, laughing histerically.

"Glad to see yo...

Someone once asked me "What's your favourite shade?"

I said it was kind of a grey area

A Muslims favourite meat ...

is lamb.

Without a doubt my favourite Robin Williams movie is

Mrs. Fire

What is thanos’s favourite number?


Why is Christmas General Zod's favourite time of the year?

....Because it's No-El....

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What's brits' favourite porn genre?


What is the Italian man's, with short term amnesia, favourite dessert?


What’s every SWAT team leader’s favourite chess move?


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My dad just told me his favourite WWII joke and told him I'd share it

During the war in a concentration camp the POWs were made to line up. The first person would say; "Tik" then the person behind him would need to respond with; "Tok" So they did.

It went
"Tik, Tok, tik, Tok, Tik" until the man behind him also said "tik", this made the German officer mad w...

What’s a hillbillies favourite thing to do on Halloween?

Pump Kin

My favourite weather phenomenon was in 1929

When it started raining investors.

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You might think I'm strange, but my favourite porn is where a kitten is saying "yes" or where a kitten is saying "absolutely"...

Those are my favourite catagrees.

What is a mathematicians favourite language?

Sine language

What is a snowman's favourite breakfast?

Ice Krispies.

My favourite drug is time

I love doin' time with the boys.

What is Santa's favourite kind of music?

Wrap music.

What’s Walter White’s favourite christmas song?

Blue Christmas

What's Harry Potter's favourite way of getting down a hill?


Jk rolling

What was Van Gogh's least favourite vegetable? An ear of cauliflower.

Sorry it was an arty joke.

What is Thanos' favourite social media platform?


What’s a dinosaur’s favourite genre of music?

Space Rock, but they don’t mind death metal.

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My favourite sexual position is the JFK.

I splatter all over her while she screams and tries to get out of the car.

What's Hitler's favourite animal?

A dolphin!

I’m writing a stand up routine about my favourite spice...

It’s a cinnamon shtick

What starts with M, ends with arriage, and is a man's favourite thing?

Miscarriage. Like the baby, this joke never gets old.

Who is Micheal Barrymore’s favourite superhero?


My favourite word in the dictionary is “toned”

Great definition

What's Mussolini' favourite pasta


Why is E.T. Trump's favourite movie?

Because the alien returned home.

My brother did one like that after a long string of pirate jokes.

"What's a pirate's favourite crime?"

"Arrrrson," I said, chuckling at my cleverness.

"You idiot," he replied, "it's obviously Piracy."

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I asked 100 women what their favourite brand of shampoo was...

The top reply was: How the fuck did you get in here?

Whats a frogs favourite drug ?


Whats a dyslexic zombie's favourite food?


What is the favourite dating app for clergy ?


My favourite Christmas song is teenage dirtbag by wheatus.

Her name is Noel.

What's a Redditor's favourite fencing technique?

The riposte.