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During the French Revolution, the commoners were busy executing the elite and bourgeoisie by beheading them.

They dragged a lawyer up on the guillotine, but as the blade dropped toward his neck, it inexplicably stopped. That was taken as a sign from God to spare his life and he was freed.

Then they brought a wealthy merchant up for execution, but again the blade stopped just short and he, too, was ...

You know, if the proletariat wants to fight the bourgeoisie, fine


My teacher: "Are there any classes you are struggling with?"

Me: "The Bourgeoisie."
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Capitalists have it easy.

They never have to spell bourgeoisie.

Ever heard of the middle-class alphabet?

It goes from A all the way to bourgeoisie.

Karl Marx passed away and went to hell...

After some days, Lucifer, caretaker of the hell met with Angel, who take care of Heaven. Yes, they meet sometimes in the corridors of heavenly worlds! Today Lucifer was gloomy. When Angel asked about his sadness, Lucifer replied. "There is a new guy in hell named Karl Marx. He created all kinds of t...

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