How do you get an fat person in your bedroom?

Piece of cake

What do you call a fat person in Europe?

An American tourist

What’s a fat person’s favorite video game?

Space Invaders

Me and a co worker were cremating a fat person.

My coworker said “ I wonder how many calories we are burning”.

You should never make fun of a a fat person with a lisp.

They’re probably thick and tired of it.

Inside every fat person theres a thin person trying to get out.

but outside every fat person theres a pizza waiting to get in.

Whenever a fat person gets upset in public...

...I can see why.

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If you are having trouble being the only fat person in your class...

Just remember that Kim Jong-un is the only fat person in his country.

What do you call a Fat person marrying your daughter?

Your future ton in law

I saw a fat person wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it.

I said 'Thyroid problem?'

A fat person walks in the street

He sees a thin person and says: when I see you, I always think there’s hunger in your country. The thin person replies: and when I see you, I think it’s your fault!

If you’re skinny but identify as a fat person...

Would that make you a trans-fat?

Why should you never bring a fat person to see a dramatic movie?

They will ruin the suspension.

It's very easy to distract a fat person....'s a piece of cake!!!

Source: Jimmy Carr

What do you call a fat person that is skilled in everything?

A well rounded person

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What does a fat person and hitler have in common?

Neither of them can finish a race

Who are a fat person's two best friends

Ben and Jerry.

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Listening to Katy Perry is like fucking a fat person...

It is fun, it is easy, but you don't want others to know you do it.

Whats the difference between a neckbeard and a fat person.

You will get banned from reddit for making fun of a fat person.

Life is like a box of chocolates

neither lasts long for a fat person

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Sex with me is like an Italian Opera.

For a while no one knows what the hell is going on, and it usually ends with a fat person yelling really loudly.

How do you burn a lot of calories at once?

Douse a fat person with gasoline and light a match

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