Help stop early childhood obesity

It's as easy taking candy from a baby.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A true story

Saw my Doctor this morning about my undescended testicle, he seemed surprised that this hadn’t been caught in early childhood during any of my checkups.

He asked, “did your parents never check you as a baby?”

I replied, “no, they really dropped the ball on this one”

He smiled. ...

Question about baby expert Dr. Spock

Given that Dr. Benjamin Spock was one of the leading experts in pregnancy and early childhood, having written a famous book (BABY & CHILD CARE) for expecting & new mothers on taking care of their babies...

Would it be correct to call Dr. Spock a Mother-FAQer?

There was once a dog who wanted to be a bear....

Every day since early childhood, the dog would daydream about being a bear.

One day, the dog was strolling through the forest when he encountered a bear. Delighted, the dog asked the bear to convert him into bearhood.

The bear thought about it for a bit and agreed. He'd help the dog ...

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