Hey, thanks for defining the word "many" for me...

It means a lot.

Defining reincarnation . . .

A wife was talking to her husband about reincarnation.

“What exactly is reincarnation?” he asked.

“It’s when you die and come back as something completely different,” she explained.

“So,” he suggested “I could come back as a pig?”

She sighed wearily. “You’re not listening...

A man was brought to the police station to describe the suspect for a police sketch but is hesitant because the perpetrator was actually him.

His conscience urges him to tell the truth. It might as well be his self-defining moment.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Girl and Her Sniper Rifle

I had a friend named Sierra once. She was a pretty chill girl. Really only had two defining characteristics about her though, her love of lemon-lime sodas and her innate marksmanship. She was a damn good crackshot.

Her dad was a bit of a gun nut. Owned lots of rifles including a classic...

Don't be like a jalepeño

Retain your defining qualities when someone scoops your insides out

Many Valedictorians will begin their speech by telling what success means to them.

And why not? It’s a defining moment.

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