What's the worst thing about having bulimia?

You taste your defeat twice.

I told my doctor that my wife gave me bulimia.

He said, "Impossible! Bulimia isn't contagious."

I said, "Are you sure, Doc? Because every time I eat her cooking, I throw up."

i tried to ignore my girlfriend's bulimia

but she kept bringing it back up

how do you know when a prescription is being written for bulimia?

when the directions for use say take one pill twice a day

What do Bulimia and Coke Zero have in common?

Twice the taste, zero calories.

My mother just helped me overcome my bulimia.

She threw open the bathroom door and yelled, "Keep it down!"

Some people say that super models have a problem with bulimia,

I don't know, I think they're pretty good at it.

Every time someone tells a bulimia joke...

Every time someone tells a bulimia joke I throw up in disgust. Please keep them coming.

Now that I'm an overweight, nearly middle aged man, I'm considering bulimia more and more

But I don't have the stomach for it.

Did you know that Stalin suffered from bulimia?

He didn't binge, though, he just purged.

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