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Scientists believe they're very close to curing Agoraphobia.

Unfortunately for the agoraphobics, its just around the corner.

I formed a support group for people who suffer from Agoraphobia.

Unfortunately it didn't work out. Everyone wanted to have it at their place.

A joke about agoraphobia

Nevermind you wouldn't get it, it's an inside joke

Did you here about the agoraphobia march?

No one showed up.


I didn't go to my Agoraphobics Anonymous meeting today, obviously.

One liner a new friend just told me that we both thought was funny

Me: I’ve never met anyone with agoraphobia. Him: You wouldn’t

Welp we got ourselves a new disease...

But suddenly a bunch of disorders don’t count as disorders anymore:
- OCD cleanliness
- agoraphobia
- antisocial personality

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