What's the difference between Ice Cream and Sorbet?

About $3

Donald and Melania Trump walk into a restaurant

They sit at a table and peruse the menu, and the waiter comes over.

“Good afternoon, can I take your order please?”

“Can I have the chocolate fudge dessert, and Melania will have the sorbet”

“Just desserts Mr President?”

“Yes, Just Desserts”

What do you call it when your girlfriend has a back ache?


My Girlfriend Just Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out

She was telling me that her face was sore, so I told her she was a *"sore-bae*, get it? Sorbet?". And then she turned around in bed and wouldn't talk to me.

What dessert best describes your girlfriend after a workout?


What do you get when you throw ice cream at your girlfriend really hard?

A sorbet

What was Prince’s favorite dessert?

Raspberry Sorbet

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