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I used to think Pomegranate was a stone fruit...


Girl, I'm like a pomegranate.

Cause you can eat my seeds anytime.

What materials do fruits use for walkways?

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[Long] [NSFW] One warm autumn day,

A man walks into the patent office and slams a stack of papers down triumphantly. "I've bred apples that taste like different fruits, and furthermore, each half of an apple tastes different!"

The patent clerk looks up in boredom, "Sure, sure... But I need to verify the truthfulness of this cl...

What is an english stonemasons favourite fruit?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

It's WW2 3 men die and go to hell.

An American, a Jewish man, and a Nazi die and are all greeted by Satan at the gates of hell. He says to the 3 men, "I'm giving you guys a chance to earn your lives back. I want you to bring me a fruit that I've never seen before." The men were full of joy, however the devil did not tell them if they...

What's a cheerleader's favorite fruit? (Popsicle stick caliber)


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