What do you call a farming simulator

(Idiotic I know)

How did the speed runner beat the world record on hair stylist simulator?

He took a shortcut.

I think my knockoff airplane simulator game was made by extremists

It crashed and asked me if I'd like to send a terror report.

What do you call a pro gamer that tests politics simulator games?


New flight simulator.

I downloaded a new 737 Max flight simulator, but it keeps crashing.

I was looking for a Dating Simulator on Steam.

It said "Sorry, no matches found."

The level of realism is incredible.

What do call it when a flight simulator is being slow?

Jet lag.

Due to the overwhelming backlash, I'm forced to cancel my planned medieval instrument packaging simulator.

Players just don't want lute boxes.

I want to create a VR girl/boyfriend simulator for those alone on Valentines Day...

I shall call it, E-Bae

I heard there's a new Bread simulator game on Steam..

It's a great game if you're just loafing around.

I wanted to play Goat Simulator...

...but my PC doesn't have enough RAM.

Why did the chicken eat the egg?

Because it was already roasted.

This joke was generated by a bot on r/SubSimulatorGPT2. https://www.reddit.com/r/SubSimulatorGPT2/comments/e2fp40/why_did_the_chicken_eat_the_egg/

So I bought the new cod game.

Best fishing simulator ever.

Joe and his tractors

So there's this guy named Joe. For years Joe loved tractors. He was obsessed with them. He had tractor posters, tractor calendars, tractor bedsheets, tractor wallpaper, tractor simulators. Anyways one day Joe is at the annual tractor convention in LA and he sees the brand new XJ54330 tractor. It's t...

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