What is a popular search engine for ghosts?


A guy from Jersey bought a search engine and some fireworks.

He bought-a-bing and bought-a-boom

Bono from U2 says he's given up on alternative search engines like Bing and will just use google from now on.

He still hasn't found what he's looking for

What's Mario's favorite search engine?


Did you hear about the new Yiddish search engine?


IamA Bing search engine AMA

Please. Just ask me something.

I use Microsoft's search engine on my laptop & it explodes. So I take it to the Italian repair guy

He says "What's the problem with your computer? Please keep it brief"
I say "Bad-a-Bing Bad-a-boom!"

What search engine is best for finding lewd pictures?


What's the difference between a quality microwave and someone who knows a quality search engine when they see it?

the microwave goes Bing.

A son goes up to his dad one morning

He says”I’m starting a search service!” His dad, impressed, goes “That’s a great idea! Just look how well companies like Google and Bing are doing!” The son replies “Oh no dad, not that type of search engine. I’ll find things around the house for you. For example, five dollars, I’ll find your readin...

There's a new search engine being developed for infants

Google Ga Ga

The oldest joke in the world.

“Nock nock!

“Who’s there?”


“Yah who?”

“The search engine”.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What did the left butt cheek tell the right butt cheek?

If we stick together....we can stop this shit.

(Not sure if a repost but the search engine on Reddit says it's not one)

The Google car won't use any fuel

It will run on a search engine

What is the function of the world's last ENIAC?

Operating the Reddit search engine.

I was at a bar and the server was taking forever and never got anything right

Oh wait, the Reddit search engine isn't a bar.

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