You know, people tell me organ meat is offal...

But personally I think German meats are the wurst.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Did you hear about the new restaurant downtown that serves, sweetbreads, pate’ haggis and scrapple?

It’s offal.

My friend hates his job at the slaughterhouse

He said he has to collect all the innards from the animals to make into pet food. We both agree that's absolutely offal.

They're having a real problem with unlicensed food vendors in Seattle.

There's one case where a middle eastern food truck was using organ meat instead of chickpeas!

Yeah, the unlawful falafel was awful offal.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A woman was in bed with her husband.

Every night, the husband farts in his sleep. His farts were so loud and disgusting that, most nights, she couldn't sleep at night.

One day, she tries to tell him "honey, please stop farting in bed. It's hard to sleep when just as I'm about to get some rest I hear this sudden *POOMPH* from yo...

I once lived opposite a slaughterhouse.

The view from my bedroom was offal.

One day my mum made a stew out of cow intestines.

It tasted offal.

We tried that new fusion restaurant that only serves intestines and organ meat.

It was offal.

Why don’t people like eating intestines?

It’s offal!

I recently visited a restaurant that only serves internal organs.

It was offal

How did the butcher know he’d been handling too much organ meat.

He felt offal.

I just ate tripe for the first time.

It was offal!

I tried to make a pie with fish innards!

It was cod offal.

I found out there are people who eat animal guts and entrails.

I think that's offal.

I accidentally ate gone-off meat

It tasted offal

What did the farmer say when he dropped off all his cows at the slaughterhouse?

"It smells *offal* in here!"

I used to live above an abattoir......

...the flat was great but the view was offal.

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