Tonight I am going to reveal my new kitchen appliance

It'll be a blender reveal party

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A recent scam has popped up involving a prostitute, a bit of cocaine and a kitchen appliance

People have been falling for it, hooker, line and sink.

What do you get when you cross Australia with a kitchen appliance?

A frigeridoo

There is a kitchen appliance at your door

Let that sink in

Some people can't even fit kitchen appliances through their front door.

Just let that sink in.

My wife said she wanted new kitchen appliances or some new bath bombs for our anniversary.

I compromised and bought her a toaster.

How do kitchen appliances greet each other?

They micro-wave.

Which kitchen appliance do surfers dislike most?

The micro wave.

What is it called when kitchen appliances get together for a meeting?

A cabinet.

A burglar breaks into a house and steals all the kitchen appliances...

Upon being caught, he returned all of the items except for the mixing tool. When the police asked him to return it he said, "sorry, this is a whisk I must take".

Why do women get married in white?

To match the kitchen appliances.

GF: I'm leaving you!

Me: Is it because I create gf nicknames out of names of kitchen appliances?

GF: No, it's because you're always making fun of my height

Me: You know I love you microbabe!

Why do women wear white on their wedding day?

All good kitchen appliances come in white. (Don't hurt me)

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