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I got fired from my kitchen job for stealing cookware...

... it was a whisk I was willing to take.

I used to sell cookware, but that didn't pan out.

So I've switched to selling underwear for a brief time.

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I've been masturbating into cookware

It's my jackpot!
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What do you call glass cookware from Jamaica?

Pyrex of the Caribbean

I wanted to cook some alligator

but the only cookware I had was a croc pot

I was walking my dog through the neighborhood when his leash broke, he ran off, and headed straight into a Chinese restaurant.

I ran inside and found him in the kitchen. To my horror, he was peeing on all the cookware! The cooks were yelling at him angrily, so I stepped in and said, "Please don't be mad at him. I'm the one who said he needed to go on a wok."

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A world known pair of thieves were visiting the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Arts in France.

They were looking to make their final steal the biggest yet. They walk up the pearly white steps and into the old yellow plastered building.

As they walk in, the man turns to the woman and asks, "What do you think we should take? I want our last job to be remembered for years!"

The wo...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why did the restaurant fire the pansexual?

Because he kept fucking the cookware.

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