How do you kill an introvert?

Starve him to death by putting another person in the kitchen

How many introverts does it take to fix a lightbulb?

Why does it have be a common task?

How can u tell a computer scientist is an introvert or an extrovert?

The extrovert looks at your shoes while having conversation while the introvert looks at his own shoe.

How did the introverted teenager introduce himself to his crush?

He didn't

What is a group of introverts called?

An oxymoron!

please help me

Introvert and the bank

So an introvert goes into a bank and decides they need some money. Hesitantly, they walk to the counter. After the teller greets them they immediately respond with, "Hi, can you leave me a loan?"

I'm so introverted...

That I was told to self-isolate for 14 days, and asked to make it an even 28.

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How do you know someone is an introvert?

They won't shut the fuck up about it.

What's the difference between introverted and extroverted engineers?

The extroverted engineer looks at *your* shoes...

I'm developing a new fragrance for introverts

I'm going to call it leave me the fuh cologne

The older I get I realize I’m neither an extrovert nor an introvert

I’m a pervert!

You can tell a lot about an Introvert by his handwriting, posture and favorite movie

About an extrovert, you can tell everything by his constantly non-closing mouth...

I know someone who’s an introvert and he ALMOST broke a world record.

He was just shy.

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Sex for introverts

is another opportunity to go inside.

What do vegans and introverts have in common?

Both avoid meet.

Social distancing for an introvert is like winning a free ticket to a Coldplay concert for an extrovert

I feel right at home

Have you met Post Malone's introvert brother?

Leave M'Alone

Research done on introverts

revealed nothing

New York City is the archnemises of Introverts

It always seems like it's a creepy introvert that wants to destroy the largest American city.

After 9/11, even Osama Bin Laden escaped to a cave and then a Pakistani stronghold to have his alone time and recharge.

But like any good friendship, that introvert has that one ex...

I made a new fragnance for introverts

It's called 'leave me the fuh cologne'


Don’t start.

What do you call an introverted usurer?

A loaner.

How can you tell whether a mathematician is introverted or extroverted?

The introverted mathematician will look at his shoes while telling you something.

The extroverted will look at your shoes.

Two introverts walk into a room...

One leaves

It's a great time to be an introvert.

I've been practicing social distancing for so long that Sasquatch has a blurry picture of me hanging on his wall.

Why don’t introverted trees want to be chopped down?

They don’t want to dialog

I'm such an introvert

That I keep a gun next to my bed to shoot myself when a thief enters my house just because I don't wanna go with the process of meeting him

It was cool being an introvert till the government started telling everybody to do it.

Now I wanna go outside.

Here's an idea you can use to get some time alone as an introvert

Just cough once and tell them how amazing the china trip was.

George is at his first middle school party but really nervous cause he's mostly an introvert

He tries to fit in but we can see he is visibly sweating, his more social friend, Finn walks up to him and George finally sighs of relief.

Finn: George, what are you doing man? You're sweating like a fountain!

George: Well you know how I really don't like being around a lot of people, ...

How do introverts feel within society?


Attendance at my monthly introvert meetup is it an all time high...

It's just that I feel like we're attracting the wrong crowd.

How does an Introverted hypochondriac feel during the Corona virus outbreak?


How to spot an introvert in a crowd

Please don't

If half the population really are introverts...

... why haven't I met any?

Why do introverts identify so much with Thor's brother?

Because he's low-key.

As an introvert, I love my wife.


Why did the introverted mushroom decide to go to more parties?

Because everyone told him he was a fungi

What do you call introverted Hobbits?

Shyer folk.

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An introvert walks into a bar...

Then immediately walks out because fuck that shit.

An introvert walks into a bar...

My bad, I was thinking of someone else. The introvert stayed at home.

A vegan and an introvert walk into a room which one tells you what they are first?

None; the person who hasn't watched "a single episode of Game of Thrones" beat them to it.

What is an introverts favorite tea?

Social anxietea

At the start of the pandemic, it was a good opportunity to tell wether I was an introvert or an extrovert.

Turns out, I’m just a pervert.

I know an introverted entrepreneur in the coal industry.

He mined his own business.

In a conference i asked the crowd “all the introverts raise the hand”

Nobody raised their hand

You think you are introverted?

Wait until you never meet me.

Introverts Rise Up!

Separately, in your own homes!

How do you introvert a variable?

You get it by itself.

The First Rule of Introvert Club is...

Don’t speak.

I'm writing a book about introverts.

It's not coming out any time soon.

College life for introverts

1st year - People are so good to me. I feel I am respected a lot! Friends are bliss!

2nd year - People are distancing from me. I guess they don't like me. I've to find new people I suppose.

3rd year - Should I change my attitude to get friends? I don't know why I get cheated everytime ...

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What'd I say to my introvert friends who were jerking off alone in separate rooms?

"C'mon, pull yourselves together!"

I'm in a band called The Introverted Pessimists

You've probably never heard of us, but that's fine.


I'm such an introvert that if I ever have to draw attention I draw it on paper

Track and field is perfect for introverts.

The goal is the be there the shortest time possible.

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Two explosions walk down the street...

Two explosions walk down the street when an implosion silently walks past them. The first explosion says to the other explosion: „Fucking introverts“

How do you pump up a room full of shy introverts?


What do Introverts do when they mess up a joke?

Introvise .

How much does the average introvert weigh?

Not enough to break the ice.

I was going to tell you a joke about introverts, but you wouldn't get it.

It's an inside joke.

As an introvert I don't get the phrase "go big or go home"

Why the hell would I want to go big when i'm allowed to go home and be alone.

Why did the introvert polish his shoes regularly?

So he could look at others' faces.

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Why did the introvert cross the road?

Fuck you leave me alone

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Why didn't the two introverts go camping?

Because it's two fucking in tents.

How do you tell if an engineer is an introvert or an extrovert?

If they are an introvert, they look at their shoes when they talk to you. If they are an extrovert, they look at your shoes when they talk to you.

I heard this from my construction professor and thought it was funny enough to share.

Why are negative parabolas so introverted?

They have a hard time opening up

As an introvert I’ve always wanted to star in a sitcom

Most of your social interaction occurs with the people you live with and lasts about 21 minutes a day.

Schools should have a class designed for introverts...

*anti-social studies*

Did you hear about the golf club for introverts?

They had to close within the first year because nobody showed up.

Why aren't there any introverted suicide bombers?

They have a hard time sharing what's inside with strangers.

I was named Chief Speaker at the Society of Introverts.

Thank God no-one showed up.

Did you hear about the overweight introvert who thought he had won the hot dog eating contest?

Turns out he was just a bit shy.

An Irish lad just graduating school embarks on his career in business.

Found employment in a nice village. Being a bit of an introvert, took him a few months to venture into the local pub. Asked the bartender for 3 pints, and he took them back into a dark corner table, drank the 3 and left. After a few days, when he ordered his usual 3, the barkeep said "Ya know lad, I...

A Redditor went to a bar

Haha I’m just kidding we all are introverts who can’t socialize let’s be honest

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A Husband And Wife Are Creating A Password On Their Computer

A husband and a wife are creating a password on their computer. The husband, being a confident, extroverted man, puts in "My Penis". Although insecure and introverted, the wife falls on the ground and laughs because...

**The screen says "ERROR: Not Long Enough.".**

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