Talking makes me feel like a workaholic judge.

I'm just sentencing 24/7.

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My therapist says I'm a workaholic.

I'm working on it.

I met this real workaholic from Taiwan

A real Taipei personality

My girlfriend is a workaholic

She is staying the night at her boss's home to discuss company's problems tonight.

I once dated a workaholic carpenter.

I told her to choose: "It's me or your tools."

She chose the ladder.

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The thing about having sex with a workaholic is that...

Work comes before they do!

My dad was a workaholic.

You mention work, he got drunk.

My father was a workaholic

Every time you said work, he starts drinking.

My "Workaholics Anonymous" meeting got canceled...

Everyone had to work late

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My first job ...

When I was 15 I came home one day very excited, walked up to my father and said, "Hey dad! I just got a job!"

To which my father replies, "Congratulations son! How much does it pay?"

Confused, I respond, "Well, she charged me 50 bucks... If they're going to start paying me... Then I...

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A Washington, DC flea goes to book a vacation with his travel agent

because he's been cooped up in a K Street lobbyist's crotch for the past 8 months and he feels overworked. So his travel agent says,

"You won't believe the package I've got for you! Fifteen days in Obama's hair—can you believe it? He's going to be at Camp David the whole time, it should be...

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