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Does Gordon Ramsey wear a condom?

No. He prefers FUCKING RAW!

My theory in why gordon Ramsey's kids aremt his

Because he doesnt like it raw

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Gordon Ramsey branches out and opens a speech therapy workshop for lions and tigers. His first student comes in and it's a massive siberian tiger. Gordon says "well, go ahead, let me see what you've got." The tiger opens its mouth and lets out a pathetic "meow.".

"You DONKEY, that was PATHETIC!" screams Gordon "IT'S. FUCKING. ROAR."

Gordon Ramsey hates reposts on r/aww. One day he sees someone reposting a baby sheep

He yells in the comments, "WHERE'S THE LAMB SOURCE!?"

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A husband walks into his house to find his wife watching Gordan Ramsey’s F-king cooking show!


Gordon Ramsey just had his 5th kid..

At least he likes one thing raw.

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Which Eddie Murphy stand up is Gordan Ramsey's favorite?


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Gordon Ramsey is teaching his kids Egyptian history.

Gordon Ramsey : (Holding a picture) Who is this?

Kids : It's Anubis.

Gordon Ramsey : It's fucking Ra !!!!

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What's Gordon Ramsey's favorite Disney movie?


Gordon Ramsey hated the last movie he watched

It was Frozen

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[NSFW] Gordon Ramsey: "F***ing hell, this tastes like someone shat on a piece of meat and then served it raw. What the f*** are you thinking asking me to eat this?"

"Gordon, if you don't want to give me oral sex, just say so. Don't make a production out of it." - His wife.

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Gordan Ramsey was walking down the road and saw a dog.

He bent down to pet it, and screamed "it's fucking r/aww!"

So I've been watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare clips, but one video wouldn't load

There was a problem with the server

I have a couple types of jokes

The ones that rub people the wrong way more times than not are my JonBenet Ramsey Jokes. They’re not jokes about her, they’re just my jokes that never get old.

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Why would Gordan Ramsey never have unprotected sex with a man?

Because it's fucking raw!

Why does Gordon Ramsey never bet on any sports events?

Because he never likes the steakes.

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Gordon Ramsey today released his long-awaited book about having sex with herbs.

It's about fucking thyme.

What’s Gordon Ramsey’s favorite scary movie?

Get out

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Gordon Ramsey's Water

Gordon Ramsey walks in

Chef: Would you like some Ice water chef?

Gordon Ramsey: is the Ice fresh

Chef: it's frozen


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How has Gordon Ramsey come to have so many children??


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Gordon Ramsey: excuse me waiter, are these icecubes fresh?

Waiter: uhm no, they’re frozen

What did the asian plumber say to Ramsey Bolton?

*you have a reek*

What's the difference between Gordon Ramsey and a run in the countryside?

One's a pant in the country..

How does Gordan Ramsey save money?

Swear Jar

Me: HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR EVIL BABY SHEEP ESCAPE? Sous: I hid it away with Gordon Ramsey.


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Why are the dinosaurs afraid of Gordon Ramsey?

He took a bite from one of his prey and complained that it was "FUCKING RAAAAAAWWWWW!"

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Roger was very thin because he was afraid to spend a lot of money on food. He looked forward to the day when his grandfather would die and leave him a fortune.

His grandfather was blessed with both a sense of humor and a sense of justice. So he planned that when he finally died all he would leave to Roger was a cookie.

But what a cookie.

It was made with butter, churned from milk from a yak milked by a virginal milkmaid on the highest field o...

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

"Becuase you didn't cook it, you fucking muppet"
- Gordon Ramsey

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The most nervous person in the world

Is Gordon Ramsey's wife before he eats her pussy

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Schmidt's boss was about to fire him when he said... [Long]

"I know people!"

Schmidt's boss looked at him, "are you threatening me?"

"No, no, not like that" Schmidt pauses, "I'm friends with everyone! Who would you like to meet? If you let me stay in this job, you can hang out with anyone!"

The boss thought for a second, skeptical. "I'll...

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