Google Plus was the gym of social networking

We all joined but no one ever used it

What profession does the best networking?


You know what they say about using networking cables for bondage.

It gets pretty kinky.

Why are restaurants great places for networking?

Because they have a lot of servers

What do you get when you cross nu metal with professional networking?

LinkedIn Park

The Good News: I landed a job at Dreamworks thanks to the Bumblr app's networking feature

The Bad News: I'm working on the Bee Movie 2.

What does a networking robot say when returning from the bathroom?

"Sorry, I http"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Saw "IT" last night

Far less "computer networking" and so much more "murderous clowning" than anticipated

A woman gets a call from her husband while he’s at work.

“Darling,” he says, “I just got invited by my boss to go on a weekend company fishing trip. We’re leaving right after work so would you mind packing some things for me? I’ll need my blue silk pajamas, two days worth of clothes, toiletries, my fishing pole, and my tackle box. Oh, and don’t forget my ...

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