What's a microbiologists favorite animal, and why?

An ant, they love there little antybodies.

Why did the microbiologist cross the road?

To get to the other slide!

Where did the microbiologist go after receiving his PhD?

...to a cell-laboratory gathering

Why are microbiologists always so happy?

Because they look at the little things in life

I was counting the money in my wallet and I remembered my microbiologist friend saying that money is the dirtiest thing you can touch all day. Turns out I have $144 in cash,

But I guess that’s just gross....

Why should people date microbiologists?

They're well cultured.

A microbiologist went over to his colleague at the bar and said...

'I see you are also a man of culture.'

Did you hear about the famous microbiologist who traveled to dozens of countries and learned to speak several languages?

He was a man of many cultures.

Did you hear about the microbiologist who tore his pants?

He had to abandon his experimments to focus on some jean splicing.

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