Where does 82% of the methane on Earth come from?

It comes from the dairy air.

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Serious top linked post on /r/science made me laugh: "Giant methane storms on Uranus"

Original link: http://phys.org/news/2015-03-giant-methane-storms-uranus.html

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[jokes allowed]Giant methane storms on Uranus

Appereantly you can joke around in r/science

[original link](http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2ybgx8/giant_methane_storms_on_uranus/)

Here you go!

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Harold and Ethel had been happily married for years, except for one quirk

Every morning when Harold woke up, he would announce his consciousness to Ethel in the form of a great trumpeting fart, the kind that make the covers billow. This annoyed Ethel, and she'd taken to telling him, "Dammit Harold, one of these days you are going to shit your guts out." Harold would alw...

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What's the difference between Uranus and your butt?

One is huge, round and surround by a cloud of smelly methane gas. The other one's a planet.

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Uranus ( long )

Originally from Buck Buchanan 9 i just had to share) let the Uranus jokes come forth.............anyway....

โ€œIt's my understanding that the first six probes were recklessly plunged into Uranus at such excessively high speeds these early attempts only produced massively dense clouds of methane...

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You have two cows..

USA: You have two cows. You outsource a farm to milk them and sell the milk to those who can afford it. You then use the profit to buy someone else's cow for your butcher to make steak with.

Russia: You have two cows. When you get sober you remember that the mafia took them away from you, so ...

North Dakota

A dairy farmer from South Dakota had a favorite dairy cow. She was old, and one day she passed away. Saddened, but wanting another cow to give his family milk he sought out another cow in the local paper.

He found a listing from a dairy farmer in North Dakota a few hours away, and made arrang...

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Did you know if a person farts too much their ass turns blue!

It's from the methane, just look at Uranus!

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