ethanolhydrogenalcoholfuelformaldehydeformic acidantifreezepropyleneethanenaphthaformatebutanolglycerolsolventmethyl alcohol

My mom’s sister drank methanol, and now she can’t move.

Later though, I found out it’s commonly used as auntie freeze.

There's a bottle full of methanol in a chemistry lab...

...there's a note attached to it: "don't drink it, or else you will go blind."
The next day, the bottle is half empty and someone added to the note: "I will risk one eye."

I named my sons Ethanol and Methanol

They’re now known as the chemical brothers

I put methanol in the punch bowl...

...and now I can't find the punch line.

Ivan and Piotr are drinking in a shack out in the woods...

They've been drinking for three days straight and have finally run completely out of booze.

Piotr turns to Ivan and says, "Vanya, go look in the shed out back, see if there's anything to drink there."

Ivan stumbles back with a bottle of methanol in his hand. "Well, we could drink this...

I made a drink called Hit The Road Jack

It's Jack Daniels mixed with methanol.

(Blind jokes are the best kind)

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