My IQ really is room temperature

Its 120F please help me i'm dying

A man goes to a diner and orders a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of room temperature sweet tea.

When his food arrives he takes a sip of the tea but finds it to be scorching hot.
"Ow!" yells the man, "I asked for this to be room temperature!"
"It is, sir" says the waiter "The kitchen is on fire."

I always turn my room temperature just below 70 degrees before I go to sleep. Why?

Because it doesn't get hotter than 69 in my bed.

What temperature is room temperature on Tatooine?

Luke Warm

My new thermos is incredible...

Four days ago I filled it with room temperature water, and it's *still* room temperature.

A burglar is sneaking out of a house...

Waiting outside are two cops. One points a can of pepper spray at the criminal.


The burglar nods, puts his hands up and stands still. After a few seconds, the cop steps forward and touches his arm. Suddenly looking confused and angry, the cop s...

Quarantine - Day 34

**Weather Report**

Room Temperature

Helium walks into a bar.

Or, rather than walks, floats; for helium, at room temperature, is a gas, and thus has no legs with which to walk, and, due to its lighter-than-air nature, does not sink to the ground. The bartender himself is confused, for not only is helium invisible to the naked eye in the absence of another obje...

The other day I was visiting my 105-year–old grandfather in the nursing home.

I was asking him about what his marriage was like; he was married for 65 years before his wife died.

"Grandpa, what was it like being married for so long?" I asked.

He was getting to that point where he would often just kind of doze off or drift away mid-conversation, so I gave him a f...

How did the necrophiliac like his food served?

The same way he liked his temperature.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Some kids are cool... Other kids are hot...

But I’m in the fucking middle being damn room temperature

Bad joke

Many Europeans think they are cool

Of course, it depends on their room temperature.

I quit smoking cold turkey.

I now let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes first.

Translated joke. A guy builds a new house and invites his friends for a tour.

He shows them all of the massive rooms. They eventually reach the backyard where there are 4 swimming pools.

'This one is for hot water, and this one is for cold water, and this one is for room temperature water.'

'What is this last one for?' his friends asked, pointing towards an ...

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