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I went into a pharmacy and asked “what gets rid of Coronavirus?”

The assistant replied “ammonia cleaner” I said “I’m sorry, I thought you worked here”

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I got a new dog and named her Ammonia.

She's a basic bitch.

Why do chemistry students learn about ammonia first?

It's pretty basic stuff

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My pregnant dog licked the floor after I cleaned it with ammonia...

my vet said she was a basic bitch.

A Politician Dies And Has To Spend Just ONE Day In Hell

A politician dies and ends up standing in front of the pearly gates. Saint Peter looks at him for a second, flicks through his book, and finds his name.

"So, you're a politician..."

"Well, yes, is that a problem?"

"Oh no, no problem. But we've recently adopted a new system for p...

My mum says I don't know anything about colourless gases.

But ammonia little boy.

[ANTI-CLIMACTIC] The difference between 4chan, Yahoo answers, and Reddit

A man gets sick with a cold, so he decides to browse the internet to get effective remedies to help him.

He visits Yahoo answers, and gets a response telling him to "use bed :))))"

He visits Reddit, after posting his question, he realizes he posted in r/gaming, he gets downvoted to obl...

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