What is a funeral director’s favorite game?

Formaldehyde and go seek

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The funeral director...

Schwartz dies and is brought to the local funeral home to be laid out.
The funeral director carts him in and begins to undress the body, but when he pulls off the man's pants- he can't believe what he sees! Mr. Schwartz has easily got the largest penis he's ever seen. I mean- HUGE!
"I can't ...

A guy loses an eye on a fishing trip with his friends

As he is laying in the hospital bed surrounded by all his family and friends after the surgery, his best friend rushes in the room and says:

-I have great news!! I just ran into the doctor and he said you're not going to lose your eye!
Everybody in the room turns around and the wounded ma...

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