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Once, many many years ago, there was a fad among fast food restaurants

to put historical, sometimes military or industrial items in their front yards as a kind of attraction/plaything; an old howitzer or maybe even a train caboose that kids could inspect or climb on. Sometimes these unlikely things would be decorated with the characters or dishes of the food chain. For...

It feels like there is a new diet fad every other day

everyone is so concerned about trans fats but I think we should respect fat people and let them identify however they want

Will this fad of glass coffins continue?

Remains to be seen.

Don’t worry about the antivax fad

It’ll die off sooner rather than later.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What was Hitler's favorite dieting fad?

Doing a Jews Cleanse

Now that the tide pod fad is dying down

lets move onto the cotton candy in the attic.

This clown fad is getting out of hand....

They are even running for president of the United States.

Did you hear about this year's newest fad diet coming out of New York and New Jersey?

The swim-fast diet.

This new fad about Battle Royale PC games...

Give it 2 weeks.

If the Hipster fad were to end...

Would we even hear about it?

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I'm on this new fad diet where you eat dog food

Every time you're hungry, you just eat a few kibbles of dog food - any brand you prefer.
Eventually you just develop a craving for it - you get hungry and you just want dog food. You lose weight like crazy because you're eating so much less, while still getting the nutrition from the dog food.<...

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Did I miss the Limerick fad?

There once was a fellow from Kent,

Whose cock was so long that it bent.

To save him some trouble,

He'd put it in double.

And instead of coming, he went.

What do you call a Thai dish that comes in and out of fashion?

Fad Thai

Today is the anniversary of the Diet of Worms

Another weight loss fad

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Basic Fuckanomics

Fuckanomics\-\-You're born with a ton of fucks to give, so you spend them like a kid with a credit card. You give fucks about your friends, about your grades, about your fashion sense, about strangers opinions. You give way too many fucks about way too many things. You have so many. Then, as you get...

I asked my daughter's dentist for her favorite joke. Was not disappointed.

What is the latest fad among teenage mermaids in the city of Atlantis?

Taking shellfies with their shellphones.

What happened to all the pokemon GO jokes?

I guess people have made the "switch" to another fad.

A new craze sweeps an Eastern European nation

Though Transylvania is mostly rivers and mountains, a new outdoor sport is achieving newfound popularity. Folks have been flocking to the calmer parts of the Olt and Danube to try out for a crew, the competitive paddling fad usually found in lakes. In fact, the sport has spread from the region to th...

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