Civics 101

I told my son "You will marry the girl I choose."
He said "No!"

I told him "She is Bill Gates daughter."
He said "Okay."

I called Bill Gates and I said "I want your daughter to marry my son."
He said "No!"

I told him "My son is the CEO of the World Bank."
He said "Ok...

Schools are using Honda compact cars for Drivers Ed.

I think that's cool. Kids learn to drive, and get a class in Civics at the same time.

In addition to asking presidential candidates for birth certificates, they definitely need to start asking this.

In a high school civics class, they were discussing the qualifications for becoming President of the United States. The requirements are pretty simple. The candidate must be a natural born citizen and at least 35 years old.

A blonde girl in the class piped up and began complaining about how u...

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