Did you know that Athiest organizations are tax exempted?

Its because they're non-prophet organizations.

Where do atheists donate their money?

Non Prophet Organizations

What two secret organizations rule the world through control of important metallic elements?

The Aluminati and the Tinplars.

Can someone explain nonprofit organizations to me?

They donโ€™t really make any cents.

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

I decided to sell some of my guns today

Times are rough, inflation is a bitch, and I need the cash so I decided to sell some of my guns.

I met the buyer at a public location, and being a responsible gun owner I decided to run a background check.

Within 5 minutes I discovered the buyer has a history of extortion, kidnapping, ...

How come the majority of nonprofit organizations


Why do atheist organizations make little money?

They are non-prophets

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