What Queen song does a fraudulent cheesemaker sing?

I want to fake Brie.

Did you hear about the cheesemaker who got sent to maximum security prison?

He's being kept in solid-dairy confinement.

A young, poor boy approaches a cheesemaker...

A young, poor boy approaches a cheesemaker.

"Sir, I am very hungry. I am willing to clean your entire cheese shop for a pound of cheddar. "

The cheesemaker thinks for a moment, decides, and nods. "Forthwith!"

The little boy grabs a broom and vigilantly begins cleaning. ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do the US and pervy cheesemakers have in common?

They both fuck the Kurds.

I asked a cheesemaker to show me his secret ingredient

He said," No Whey!"

What gun does a cheesemaker use?

A camemberetta.

A cheesemaker is hard-strapped for cash...

He decided to get a Provolone.

Why couldn't they find the cheesemaker after the accident?

He was trapped under da-Brie!

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