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A bald man went to the Dr to ask for help with his baldness, after months of trying various treatments, nothing had worked, in desperation, the Dr suggested that he rubbed his head against his wife's pussy every night. So he did, a month later, he had a fine covering of hair on his head, he was so p...

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I absolutely love and admire the unintellignt, overweight, yellowish-orange skinned man with the bad combover covering his baldness who has had his finger on the nuclear button all these years...

Wait... I was talking about Homer Simpson, who did you think I meant?

When people suffering from baldness go abroad, they often fly on...

..Receeding Airline.

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Tony went bold when he was just 10 years old, and none of the girls he liked would date him because of his baldness.

So one day tony decided to buy a wig, and as soon as he started wearing it, he started to attract women again. He married his girlfriend susie, but never told her about his baldness, and every night he would wait for her to fall asleep before taking his wig off. One night, susie’s hand landed on ton...


A patient complained to the doctor that his hair was coming out. "Won't you give me something to keep it in?" he begged. "Take this," the doctor said kindly, and he handed the patient a pill box.

A fat friend said baldness runs in his family

I replied with nothing runs in your family

I have the first signs of baldness, a friend said to me that my head it's like the house of a rich man...

two car entrances in the front and a pool in the backyard.

TIL there's a scientific term for aquatic mammals losing their fur through evolution

It's called Whale Pattern Baldness.

Apparently my uncle sold his soul to the devil for a cure for baldness.

Now there's going to be Hell Toupée.

I read on my cigarette packet that "smoking causes baldness"...

Then I realised it said "blindness". Thank god! But now I'm not sure if it is the drinking or the blindness that is causing my misreading.

And my baldness.

Little Johnny is out with his mum at the shops

Little Johnny is out with his mum at the shops when he sees a bald man. He asks, "Mum, why doesn't that man have any hair on his head?"

His mum looks up and sees the classic male-pattern baldness afflicting the man. She replies, "His hormones most likely."

Little Johnny asks, "Can't he...

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