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My first NSFW joke that I proudly wrote when I was 9 years old: What's the difference between tennis and badminton?

A: One you play with your balls, one you play with your cock.

Me and my ears hate badminton so much

It's making a racket

I told my friends a badminton joke the other day

I guess they didn't get the shuttle humor.

Why can't Americans play badminton

Because they have no net

What do you call a really good game of badminton?


"A badminton player and a tennis player get into a car accident"

A badminton player and a tennis player get into a car accident, and it's a bad one. Both cars are heavily damaged, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawl out of their cars, the tennis player spots the other's tennis gear and says, "So you're a badminton player, that's interesting. ...

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My dog Minton has eaten all my shuttlecocks


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When you become a professional in a field yet you're a dirty fecker.

*Doctor*: "Please take off your clothes."

*Dentist*: "Now open wide and hold still "

*Veterinarian*: "How's your pretty pussy.?"

*Gardener*: "Want me to fertilize your bush?"

*Lawyer*: "Let's go over section 69."

*Banker*: "If you withdraw too early you lose intere...

A man goes into a sporting goods store

He walks up to an employee and says "I need some poles to hold up my badminton net. I want them to be really tall, at least 35 feet." The employee responds astoundedly, "Those are some high standards!"

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Why can't you print money on shuttlecocks?

That's badminton

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