What do you call an egg with a genetic mutation?

New Yoke State

Why don’t Mexican cows have a sense of humor?

Because, de yoke is always on them!

What did the comedian say to the chicken?

Got any good yokes?

A Farmer Sends his Son to Town for Supplies

He tells him to visit the commons as there are sure to be reputable merchants selling their wares at this time of year.

But on the way the son gets waylaid by a strange man with big flashy signs advertising the latest in imported tools. All his neighbors are also there buying this man's tools...


They're no yoke.

Did you hear the story about the bad egg?

He ran down the street with his yoke hanging out.

3 guys go on ballon trip

Thre man go on ballon for a trip. First one takes a bag of apples with him. Second a sixpack of beer. Third a bomb. And off they go. After a while ballon starts falling so to reduce the weight they decide to throw of things they brought with them. First man throws his bag of apples of the ballon....

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two guys want to start a farm and go to a farmer to buy an ox to plow their fields...

They examine the ox and notice that his eyes are crossed. They mention this to the farmer who explains that there's a solution for that, "You just take this pipe, stick it up the ox's ass and blow as hard as you can, watch." They stood at the ox's head while the farmer put the pipe in the ox's ass a...

A man goes into a white supremacist diner..

He orders "2 eggs over easy."
The waiter brought out just egg whites.
"Where is the rest of my food?" Asked the patron
The waiter replied "Whites only in my diner! This is no yoke!"

A man walks into a bar with a mouse on his shoulder.

"What are you doing with that yoke in here?" asks the barman.

The man replies "Well I have a proposition for you. The mouse gets to stay and I get a full bottle of good whiskey if I can show you this mouse playing the piano!".

"Deal" says the barman, not believing this obvious drunk....

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