Uncle Ben would never discourage Peter from joining the Avengers.

But his aunt May.

Uncle Ben

A true credit to his rice

Did you hear they are changing the Uncle Ben’s Logo?

Everyone thought it was ricest.

Uncle Ben has died.

That’s it, no more Mr. Rice Guy!

My uncle Ben always used to say, "With great power..."

Comes a great electricity bill

This post is sponsored by Uncle Tom’s rice.

It’s like Uncle Ben’s, but a bit more racist

Wtf just opened a Christmas card and rice fell out

Must be from my uncle Ben

What is the one thing Spiderman can't eat?

Uncle Bens rice.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Spider-Man

but now I want to be like Uncle Ben

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

It’s my birthday today, I received lots of cards.

Most of them had money fall out of them when I opened them which was great. When I opened the last one there was no money just a load of rice fell out, I thought what the fuck is this!?!???

Then I realised it must be from Uncle Ben.

What is Marvel's new, SPIDER-MAN themed trophy?

A box of uncle Ben's rice with a bullet inside.

What superhero should you never have dinner with?

Spider-Man. He never saves any Uncle Ben's.

I dropped my phone in the bath.

I dropped my phone in the water. I put it in rice to dry out, it works now but i lost all my contacts except for my uncle bens.

Took a peak at one of my Christmas presents.

A bag of rice? Thanks a lot Uncle Ben.

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