I'm thinking of selling my Theremin

Haven't touched it in years

I bought a theremin

But I haven’t touched it in years.

I’m sorry to anyone who gets it.

I’m thinking of throwing my theremin away...

I don’t even touch it

I need to give my Theremin away,

It just does't get touched

I'm positive that there's something slightly off about the sound of this theremin...

...but I just can't put my finger on it.

I've always wanted a Theremin

But I could never get my hands on one.

The best Theremin player in the world

Doesn’t even have to touch his instrument.

I tried to bond with my son by teaching him how to play the theremin.

My wife didn't think it was a hands-on activity.

Two great musicians hated each other

And after years of always being compared to one another, they finally decided to have a duet of guitars to see which was the better player. They carefully selected an audience of musical experts, and with that they played.

After a fifteen minutes duet, the vote was cast. Amazingly, the result...

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