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What do Pokemon and STDs have in common?

If you toss your balls around randomly for long enough you're bound to catch one

STDs are a lot like Pokemon...

It's hard to catch them all, but once you do, the game is pretty much over.

I had to present a speech about STDs today.

Unfortunately, to get my point across I had to give everyone visual aids.

If you don't like jokes about STDs...

... you're gonorrhea-lly hate this one!

Pokèmons are like STDs ....

I caught them all and now the fun is over.

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Due to an all new high in the number of people with STDs, I’m too scared to even have phone sex

Might get hearing aids

How do you avoid STDs while in a dangerous cult?

By making sure to practice safe sects

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A guy dies and suddenly finds himself in Hell...

He trepidatiously follows the crowd towards the Gates of Hell. He finds a demon holding a piece of cardboard with his name on it.

"Craig?," asks the demon as the man approaches.

"Y... yes," answers Craig, unsure of how to handle the situation.

"Hi. I'm Ed. I know what you're thi...

I just found out I gave my girlfriend an STD

She’s pretty crabby.

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I am fucking nobody

Lucky for me, I have very low chance of getting STDs

What’s the difference between STDs and friends?

I don’t have any friends...

STDS are like Pokemon

My dad gave me the best ones when I was 12

I can't mention STDs around my friend who has herpes

It's a sore spot

What do you call redditors when they get STDs

The HIVmind

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