Three guys making a movie

Christopher Nolan: I'll produce

Leonardo Dicaprio: I'll act

Matthew McConaughey: I'll write I'll write I'll write

What did Chris Nolan say after he got a movie idea?

"Where's ma-co-caine? "

What did the director Christopher Nolan say to Tom Hardy when he asked him to cast in the movie Tenet ?

Sorry, Tom,.......it's Hardy.

I heard there's a new Christopher Nolan movie

It's about time

Almost every Christopher Nolan movie have drugs in it, these drugs belong to Christopher Nolan

When Nolan Works on a movie he says "I want my cocaine in it".

Christopher Nolan was directing a scene when the chopper Batman was flying suddenly burst into flames.

Nolan yelled, "CHRISTIAN, BAIL!!"

Christopher Nolan's film about the war on the Drugs to release in July 2020.

To star Michael Cocaine and Christian Bail

If Christopher Nolan makes a sequel to Inception,

He should start at the top.

Chris Pine was approached to star in Christopher Nolan's 2017 WW2 beach epic...

"No thanks, I've done Kirk"

What does a cat eat for breakfast?

Mice Krispies.

A small boy at the next table told me that one. Thank you for the laugh, Nolan, and happy New Year.

Christopher Museum

I was walking through the Christopher museum and the tour guide was showing me some of the exhibits.

He said this hat was worn by Colombus, these gloves were owned by Nolan,

and these boots are made for Walken

The bar tender asks why the nonlinear storytelling?

Christopher Nolan walks into a bar.

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