Christopher Nolan always turns down the chance to smoke a blunt

He prefers a BONNGGG

I heard there's a new Christopher Nolan movie

It's about time

Almost every Christopher Nolan movie have drugs in it, these drugs belong to Christopher Nolan

When Nolan Works on a movie he says "I want my cocaine in it".

Christopher Nolan was directing a scene when the chopper Batman was flying suddenly burst into flames.

Nolan yelled, "CHRISTIAN, BAIL!!"

Chris Pine was approached to star in Christopher Nolan's 2017 WW2 beach epic...

"No thanks, I've done Kirk"

If Christopher Nolan makes a sequel to Inception,

He should start at the top.

Christopher Nolan and Leo Dicaprio walk into a bar

and then they walk into another one

The bar tender asks why the nonlinear storytelling?

Christopher Nolan walks into a bar.

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