A Stark, a Lannister and a Bolton walk into a bar

The bartender says, "What can I get you, Lady Sansa?"

"You can't help but like Trump," said John Bolton.

"If you don't, he fires you."

John Bolton: What really happened

At a secret meeting, Kim Jong-un asked Bolton how he would describe Trump's constant wavering on the nuclear issue.

"Just fluctuations," Bolton shrugged.

"Fluck you white people too," snapped Kim.

What did the asian plumber say to Ramsey Bolton?

*you have a reek*

What is Ramsay Bolton's favorite band?

Cold Flay

What's Ramsay Bolton's least favorite song?

Who let the dogs out?

Why did Theon Greyjoy become Reek as Ramsay Bolton's hostage?

He was suffering from Starkhome syndrome

Indian Food.

I spent some time in India recently.

Some say that continuously eating spicy food causes one to lose their sense of taste.

I started listening to Michael Bolton.

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