How would you spot a linux user?

Don't worry they will tell you themselves!

Most appliances use a Linux based OS

But washing machines have windows

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why do Linux admins tend to work in basements?

Because they hate Windows.

Why can't you eliminate Satan from Linux?

Because 666 isn't executable.

How do you get the most recent posts in r/linux?

Sort by **GNU**.

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What did the Linux admin say to his racoon friend?

I am root.

How does a Linux user evolve Bonsly?

sudo woodo

Daddy, what are clouds made of?

Linux servers, mostly.

A Linux Joke

In computing, what's the only way to generate a truly random string?

Put a Windows user in front of VI and tell him to quit.

What is a Linux user's favorite game?

sudo ku

A Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy

A Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy.


"I can't serve you that"


"There you go".

Met a guy once who rapped about nothing but Linux systems

His name was 50CentOS

How would you know if someone uses Linux-GNU?

Don't worry, they will tell you

What do you call a group of Linux users?

*Club Penguin.*

I think Debian Linux....

.... has a very `apt` package manager.

[Computers] Why do Linux admins always take Xanax?

Because they're constantly battling their daemons.

a linux joke (may offend some)

I like my women like my kernels
about 6 years old and stable

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Why shouldn't you have sex with Linux users?

Open sores.

Why are linux geeks very introvertish ?

Because they never get out of their shell

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3 operating systems walk into a bar

The first says "I'm Windows. The most popular, everyone likes me and I don't mess about. I'll have a pint of lager."

The second says "I'm Mac OS. I'm the favourite of artists and hipsters, and I could never settle for a boring lager like Windows. Give me your hoppiest artisanal IPA!"


Why do vampire's use linux?

Because they don't like windows in their house. Ba^Dum^Tss

I just donated some money to the maintainers of a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat

\*tips fedora\*

Q: What is printed on the bottom of a bottle in Michigan? (Found on /r/linux)

A: Open the other end

Tech Joke: Changing a light bulb

A window user, a Linux user and an apple user all need to change a lightbulb in their respective homes. They split up and the windows and apple user meet back up 5 minutes later

Windows User: Did you get it fixed?

Apple user: No, it can't be cganged so I need to find a new house; how a...

What were the favorite Linux text editors of 8 randomly selected Monty Python fans?

vim, vim, vim, vim, vim, vim, emacs, and vim.

So a network specialist comes up to me and says "do you wanna here a joke?"

There was a Linux error

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Computer Quotes

"Remember, never ask a geek "why"; just nod your head and back away slowly... "
Dan Wineman

Memory is like an orgasm. It's a lot better if you don't have to fake it.
Seymour Cray (commenting on virtual memory).

There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and U...

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