What kind of sugar does Lady Gaga use in her coffee?

Raw raw raw raw raw

How does Lady Gaga prefer you cook her steak?


I will see myself out

What is Lady Gaga’s favorite Egyptian god?


What's Lady Gaga's favorite food?

Sushi because they serve it raw, raw, raw\-raw\-raw!

(sorry I just saw the guy get to the front page with his stoned asparagus joke, so I wanted to try mine).

How do you wake up Lady GaGa?

You poker face.

Lady Gaga once dated a fish

He felt that the relationship was abusive.

He was a cod in a bad romance.

A good romance start with foundation of trust and a good friendship

A bad romance starts with a rah rah rah-ah-ah, roma roma-ma gaga ooh la la

Why did Lady Gaga cross the road?

Because she was wearing the chicken.

How does Lady Gaga like her sushi?

Ra-ra-raw-raw Ra-ra-raw-raw.

Lady Gaga Performed at the Prison today.

Might I say that the Audience were Captivated.

Yeah, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were both phenomenal, but I'm more excited for the upcoming Icelandic remake

A Star Is Björn

What’s Lady Gaga’s favorite kind of meat?

Raw, Raw, Raw, Raw, Raw

How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

Poke her face.

A joke from a 3 year old who thought it was hilarious, but probably didn't understand it.

What do you call Lady Gaga if she ever becomes Queen?

Lady O. Gaga

Who doesn’t like Lady Gaga’s wardrobe ?

Her drycleaner

Why did Lady Gaga throw the lettuce out

Cuz it was a bad romaine

No one knows what Lady Gaga is going to do during the Super Bowl...

Because you can't read her poker face.

A baby helped me out the other day...

I asked him, "How do I find other songs by the singer of 'Bad Romance'?"

He replied: "Google Gaga"

How I became famous at a hospital during a surgery.

So to give some background information. I was 12 years old at the time and at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The reason why was so I could get a tumor out of my eyeball, which was usually a sign of cancer in people in their 50s-60s, not when they are 12. So when I was in the waiting room for my...

Turned on the radio to hear "Shallow". I'm not a fan so switched stations and got "Bad Romance". I also don't like that so tried a third station and got "Poker Face".

It seems that, all I hear is radio Gaga.

Hey, didja hear that Johnny Rzeznik and Stefani Germanotta are forming a new band?

They're going to call it "Googoo Gaga".

What did the windmill say to Lady Gaga?

I'm a really big fan.

Why was lady gaga's romance so bad?

There wasn't enough chemistry.

(My girlfriend bet me that no one would get my joke.)

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