Buyer : **Orders mixtapes from a store on Monday**

Seller: Come pick these up to on Friday, they will be ready by then.
Buyer: ok see ya then!
Friday rolls around
Buyer: **walks into store to the front desk** So are the mixtapes ready yet?
Seller : yup here you go **hands over a box full of them**
Buyer: Than- Wait these are not the...

I always wanted to be the first person in the world to release a mixtape in the Notre Dame

But sadly someone else already dropped some fire there.

Opinions are like mixtapes

I don't like to listen yours

I made a new mixtape, it was trash

Until I played it on my new galaxy note 7, then it was fire

A Marine Biologist walks into a lab,

She shouts, “I think we found a way for cephalopods to discover fire!”
The other scientist asks, “how.”
She responds with a CD,
“By making them listen to my mixtape!”

Have you heard Einstein's mixtape?

I heard it was relatively good.

The official dance for my new mixtape has 3 steps...

Stop, drop, and roll!

The reason the earth's core is hot

Is because my mixtape is so underground

I'm thinking of hosting a rave in an Oakland warehouse...

I can use my mixtape. Its fire.

I have the solution to the drought in California

Just let all the ladies hear my mixtape

There was nothing actually wrong with the Note 7...

All those people just downloaded my mixtape

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I think my cockney friend is obsessed with the desert.

I asked him what he thought of my mixtape and he said, "Sand's great."

Why was the man selling CDs at 12:30 a.m.?

Because his mixtape was to die for...

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