Why did the fencer have so much karma on Reddit?

They knew how to riposte.

If a fencer loses a duel by getting disarmed...

Does that make them a sword loser?

Redditors are extremely skilled fencers.

They’ve mastered the art of riposting.

Did you hear about the Olympic fencer who would only counter-attack?

He knew ripostes were the best way to get Gold.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The French fencer

There once was a famous French fencer. He learned how to fence at a young age and honed his skills over time, his prowess with the foil unmatched in all of France. After defeating all French contenders, he moved on to defeat fencers in nearby countries, eventually becoming the best in Europe. As his...

Why do fencers hate Reddit?

They've all been banned for riposting.

Why can you never surprise a fencer?

There are always _en garde_

Why do Redditors make bad Fencers?

Because all they do is Riposte.

Oscar Chavez was a great fencer

He won many tournaments until he entered the r/jokes fencing tournament.

He used his usual aggressive thrusts, but only his opponents quick parries would score points.

Enraged, he asked the judges why he lost without scoring any points.

"I'm sorry, but this is r/jokes, OC alwa...

What’s the difference between a good fencer and the average r/jokes subscriber?

A good fencer ripostes after a successful parry, while the average subscriber of this subreddit reposts an unsuccessful joke.

What did the winless fencer say when he lost another bout

"Curses, foiled again!"

I thought I'd make a original joke about an Olympian fencer.

Turns out it was just a riposte.

A girl had the choice of going out with either a fencer or a boxer.

The fencer was really kind and gentle, while the boxer seemed rowdy. In the end, she chose to go out with the boxer.
I asked her, "Why did you choose the boxer? The fencer seemed really nice."
She responded, " I don't know, the fencer just seemed rapier."

Why did the fencer go on r/Jokes ?


Why do fencers love r/jokes?

They're skilled at ripostes.

Why did the fencer downvote my latest submission?

It was a Riposte.

The fencer thought he knew what was about to happen but...

...his opponent feinted.

Yesterday I insulted a fencer...

He made a convincing riposte. I got the point.

Everybody here must be a fencer

Because all I see are ripostes

Why do redditors make such good fencers?

They're used to dealing with ripostes.

Why do fencers have the most karma on this sub?

They are skilled at riposting good content

How can you tell if a fencer is a redditor?

By how often he ripostes.

Why should fencers be banned from reddit?

Because they spend too much time trying to riposte.

Before getting engaged to Serena, Alexis Ohanian actually dated a fencer

Until he got sick of the ripostes.

How is a redditor similar to a fencer?

They repost a lot.

You know why fencers subscribe to /r/Jokes?

Because they always appreciate a riposte.

A king was visiting the training grounds with his swordmaster

A king was visiting the training grounds with his swordmaster.

There was a crowd watching two fencers trade blows.

The first fencer performed an attack and the crowd gasped.

The king, who isn't into the sport, asked his swordmaster about the move.

"That's what you'd call ...

I know nothing about the sport of fencing

But I attended a match with a friend who promised to explain everything.

The fencer took position, and one lunged at the other who batted the blade away.

The crowd went wild.

"That was a parry." My friend explained.

The fencer lunged again, the other deflected the blade...


There was a famous fencer that could defeat every opponent he came across. No matter his opponent, he could always parry their blows and was always able to score a hit. Of course, each of his opponents would look greatly unnerved after every match, walking out in anger at their utter loss.


Swordplay on words

A fencer was sparring with his mentor. They had sparred many times before, but today, for some reason, the fencer just wasn't able to land a single hit.

"Ha!" the mentor taunted, "You'll never win if you keep using such obvious attacks!"

The fencer feinted.

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